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Monash Global Discovery Application NYC #JustImagine

Monash Global Discovery is an 8 day intensive trip to New York City to meet with movers and shakers in the business world. This year the program focuses on “Where will your ideas take you?”. Below is my application video for the program and then a little bit about my passions and why I’m applying this year.


The reason I am applying is simple. It’s equality.


Through my studies in medicine and travel, it has become incredibly apparent that health equality is a real issue facing our world. In my career I want to try and combat this and the Monash Global Discovery Program could be a crucial step.




The application video 


Why am I applying? 


49 vs. 89


Depending on where you live, this could be the difference in your life expectancy. That is a whopping 40 years difference between the highest average life expectancy (Monaco) and the lowest (Chad). A statistic like that is simply unacceptable in the modern world.


As was drilled into my application video, my passions in life are health and travel. This is why I have worked so hard to pursue travel and getting a medical degree simultaneously. With a love for the people, communities, and cultures of this entire world, I do not think it’s acceptable for health outcomes to be so starkly different.


Obviously the problems that led to this statistic are multifaceted, complex, and require a deep understanding. As a medical student I am slowly learning about health and healthcare systems which I think is equipping me to understand these problems from a medical perspective. As an avid traveller (and lover of the world) my open-mindedness helps me to learn about the problems faced by people all around our globe – and I will continue to learn more.


What I need now is to learn how to combine these passions and get ideas out there to enact change. This requires connections, experience in business, and learning about entrepreneurship. The Monash Global Discovery Program is the perfect introduction to this side of things. Meeting with alumni and successful business people could help teach me how to mobilise my passion. This internship could stop ideas just being ideas, but transform into reality and change.


A world with less health inequality is something that I believe in and want to work towards.


There are many aspects of healthcare which in developed countries is accepted as standard; things as seemingly simple as hand hygiene, quick blood testing, and access to medications. These pillars of good healthcare — as well as the contributing social determinants of health and systemic issues — need to be taken head on. These issues need new thinking, bold ideas, and to harness the modern forces of change.


With a stellar list of candidates, being accepted into the Monash Global Discovery Program might be a long shot. But it is a long shot I am willing to believe in. Being afforded this fantastic opportunity could help make health equality a reality, and that is something worth putting yourself out there for.


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