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Amazing Short Walks In Tasmania

We might be a little bit biased, but Tasmania is an amazing island and somewhere that everyone should come and visit! Although the weather is subject to quick changes, the pristine and clean surrounds can be appreciated at any time of the year. So come and check out these short walks, and enjoy some of the world’s cleanest air and water.



Russel Falls – 20 mins return

 Russell Falls





Hartz Peak – 4 hours return


Hartz Peak

(Photo from Anthony Lee via Flickr)



Cape Hauy – 4 hours return


Cape Hauy



Cape Raoul – 5 hours return



(Photo from Daniel Sallai via Flickr)



Mt Wellington Organ Pipes – 3 hours return


Mt Wellington

(Photo from Paris Buttfield-Addison via Flickr)



Cape Elizabeth – 3 hours return


Cape Elizabeth Bruny Island



Pandani Grove – 40 mins return

Pandani Grove


The Nut Plateau and Circuit – 1.5 hours return

Stanley Nut

(Photo from Chris Baxter via Flickr)



Dove Lake Circuit – 2 hours return

Cradle Mountain Dove Lake

(Photo from Scott Cresswell via Flickr)



Crater Lake Circuit – 2 hours return

Crater Lake

(Photo from Guillaume Lorrain via Flickr)


Cradle Mountain Summit – 7 hours return

Tasmania: Cradle Mountain Summit Hike

(Photo from Eli Duke via Flickr)


Lake St Clair – 1 hour

Lake St Clair Pumphouse Point

(Photo from Shaun Versey via Flickr)


Nelson Falls – 20 mins return

Nelson Falls

(Photo from Optische Taeuschung via Flickr)


Bay of Fires – time depending

Bay of Fires Tasmania

(Photo from Anna Oakley via Flickr)


Montezuma Falls – 3 hours return

Montezuma Falls

(Photo from Peter Boer via Flickr)


Wineglass Bay and Hazards Beach – 4.5 hours return (or 1 hour return to the look out)


Wineglass Bay

(Photo from Gopal Vijayaraghavan via Flickr)



For further information, check out TasTrails or Parks and Wildlife.

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