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A Sassy Kid’s View of Europe (The Kid Is Me)

I was cleaning my room the other day and, as tends to happen, I got distracted. This time is was because I found my travel diary. Not just any travel diary but the one from when I was 10 and on my first real holiday. I think back on this first trip to France, Italy and the UK and I remember absolutely loving it. The trip was a culture shock for me – an entirely new experience! I remember being carefree and totally absorbing the culture.


Since reading the diary I realise I may have been looking at myself with rose-tinted glasses. Why, you ask? Because I was a sassy little sh*t. To be fair though, children are notoriously honest and a lot of the things are actually hilariously true.


Without further ado, here is a sassiest 10-year-old opinions from my diary.

travel diaryA rather extravagant page from Paris 



“So we have arrived in Paris and are in our apartment. Personally I think Paris has lots of people that smoke.”

“Walking around Paris was lovely today. Then Dad decided that we should go up a big hill to look for dinner because dinner might be up there. It was not.”

“Today I made French with two French twins. I liked them a lot. I never saw them again because they went back to their house for lunch and did not come back.”

“Today we walked and saw lots of things. The end.”

“Today we went to a Fun Park which had lots of rides. It was an excellent day, it was also very fun”

travel diary

I got significantly less keen drawing the hieroglyphics on the Obelisk as I moved downwards



“We went to Disneyland today which was reasonably fun. Dad did not like it so he sulked in the corner.”

“We went to buy souvenirs but they were all rip-offs (€5 for a pencil!!)”


Southern France

“We drove to Céndrieux (a small French village), it took 3 hours to get there. When we arrived in Céndrieux Mum and Dad kept saying “cute” which got really annoying”

“Today we went to the beach and made sandcastles. Then I watched Disney. It was one of the good days!”

“I went swimming and saw 14 fish and 1 starfish. It was the best beach ever!”

“Today we went to a bad beach! So Dad promised there was a better one and we drove to the next one. It was not better because I got stung by a brown jellyfish.”

travel diary

Hell yeah ice cream! 


travel diary

A interesting drawing of what I saw snorkelling (I suspect it is rather over-exaggerated) 


United Kingdom

“Mum, Meg and I went veggie shopping at a very expensive shopping centre*. Mum was obsessed with it!” (Pretty sure it was just M&S)

“We went on the London Eye today which was great! Meg (my sister) claimed to of seen the Eiffel Tower but I know that she did not.”

“For dinner we went out to a pub. I like it here”


travel diary



“Tonight we had dinner at a nice restaurant (I didn’t even know what I was eating)”


Somewhere in Italy I get tired of writing my diary and instead opt for dating every page and then writing what I ate (which was mostly gnocchi and various flavours of ice cream).



Have you kept a travel diary before?

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